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Who I Am.

From a young age knitting has been my passion. What can I say, I was a strange child. My fingers have always itched to be doing something, my creative juices begging for release. After

Knitted Lace Tablecloth

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picking up those needles and cheap acrylic for the first time, I knew I was in love.  I worked more scarves than I could ever care to count, before I found Ravelry.  Oh Ravelry, how you have changed my life forever.


Nowadays I am a lace fanatic. Whether its the delicate stitches, the game of math with matching increases and decreases, or the feel that I can cheat and get away with it when using a lace on size 5 needles (4 sizes too big, oh my!), lace is with me wherever I go. I knit lace while watching television, in the car, and at the races. While most people bring along “mindless” projects, such as a baby sweater on a stockinette stretch, I find that lace is my comfort and my joy. As many lace knitters know, we get the “I could never do that” from knitters when we break out the projects. After teaching knitting to many, including a five year old boy with great patience, I feel it’s best to share my theory on lace; well, knitting in general. I’m known to ask a few questions before giving them a defined answer:


Me: “Can you knit? Purl?”

Knitter: “Yes, and yes.”

Me: “Can you k2tog, and yo?”

Knitter: “Yes, and yes.”

Me: “Can you read?”

Knitter *usually with a giggle*: “Yes.”

Me: “Than you can knit almost anything, including lace.”

While fine lace is based and both skill and art, the basics can be mastered by any novice. That’s how I started, and look at me now.



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