November’s Starting Lineup…

…your monthly progress report.

It’s the first of the month, so it’s time for our starting lineup, where I take a look at all my lace projects that I have on the needles or-OTN for short. First up we have my:

Interim Feather and Fan: a lacy scarf using the building blocks of the feather and fan stitch with a little twist.

Interim Feather and Fan Scarf

Pattern: Feather and Fan stitch with alternating garter stitch columns and selvedges

Yarn: Crystal Palace Kid Merino [ Lace,  44% Nylon, 28% Merino, 25% Mohair, 240 yards] Fudge Brownie 2 Balls

Needles: Size 6 straights

Total current width: 12″

Total current length: 34″

# of repeats completed: N/A

Goal width: 12″

Goal Length: 66″

Goal # of repeats complete: N/A

% of project completed: 51.5%


This scarf is a joy to knit. As far as “mindless” lace is concerned, this is as close as it gets. There is only one row of lace, the rest is simply alternating between stretches of purls dappled with knits. The yarn is not something that you can easily rip out, so all mistakes must be unknit to avoid mutilating your project. However, the while the mohair is “sticky” it allows for dropped stitches to be seen easily and repaired, they stay where they are opposed to slipping down the extent of your project, resulting in ladders.

The Eucalyptus Scarf: A lacy scarf using a combination of patterns, a great panel at the bottoms and a simple, yet superb “all over” lace for the remainder.

Pattern: Drops 108-4

Yarn: Knitpicks Shimmer Hand Dyed Lace [ Lace, 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk, 440 yards] Eucalyptus 2 balls

Needles: Size 5 Addi Turbo circulars

Total current width: 11″

Total current length: 32″

# of repeats completed: N/A

Goal width: 11″

Goal Length: 74″

Goal # of repeats complete: N/A

% of project completed: 43.2%


I have to say first off that is yarn is a dream to work with. Even though Knitpicks tends to get a bad rap, anytime you mix baby alpaca and silk, I’m all over that. I have knit this scarf multiple times, but each time I do; I repeat the larger chart, which is truly supposed to be knit once at each end. This time I decided to knit it “properly” with the large lace pattern at the base, followed by the smaller repeats, broken up with a series of garter stitches. I am making this scarf a little larger than I normally would, and of course decided that after I had already knit about a third of it, so I will have to order another ball of this yarn, and pray that the dyelots are similar. A note about this pattern: It is knit in two pieces to preserve the orientation of the lace patterns, then the live stitches are grafted together with a kitchener stitch, one of my favorite knitting tricks.



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